Only Software Testing Knowledge Will Not Make You To Crack The Interview

Of course you need a very good knowledge about software testing and some what automation testing. But if you think only software testing knowledge is enough to crack the interview then might be you are wrong or you will have to struggle more to get the job or crack the interview.

Here are few more things that could help you a lot to understand the interviewer that you are not fake and really you are interested in software testing.

If you are fresher and planning to attend interview for testing please pick any web site from the net and try to test. Definitely you will come from some real time testing ideas and you will have answer for the question “Do you have any real time testing experience ? ” or ” Have you ever tried testing by yourself ? “.

Technologies are changing day by day so you should definitely aware of few latest technologies.  You should be in condition to answer the question “Can you tell about any one latest technology ? “.

Always keep on eye on any interface or functionality changes like Gmail or Facebook or any social network which you use frequently.

Make some list of real time bugs that you have really faced during net surfing or using social network.

Always keep on eye on different browser’s latest version and latest operating systems. Also try to find some differences in different browsers so that you could answer easily that “How many types or browsers do you know ?  or Which browser do you feel is good ? “.

Try to relate you testing knowledge with real time examples so that the person who is taking interview could realize that you are really interested in testing and you don’t have just theoretical knowledge but you are really understand the testing process.

So be aware , gain real time knowledge and experiences show the confidence, realize you are not fake and dedicated for testing.


Quick Testing and Reports. We can’t wait longer to complete the testing !!!

I came to know about many people who are not a tester or they don’t want to know what testers exactly do, “Testing is easy work and any body can do it”.

Really I have no answer what I should ask at that time and simply I smile and say may be. Sometimes it is also asked by some people “Why client has reported this bug even you tested it thoroughly? “.  Do you have answer for this question for those who does not know what testers are doing and how much effort they are taking to make the application perfect.

Its really funny but interesting too if you take it in positive way. These questions make you more perfect and make you try to find some other way to prove yourself that next time you will provide the real quality and escape from asking this questions mostly by developers.

We were talking abut the Quick Testing and Report. Well definitely we can’t provide the real quality in short time but we  can plan our testing strategy. We can convince our seniors for either more time or we can utilize other developers as well to real quick testing.

I am a single tester in my team and recently I got one android application to test. The condition was I had to test the application within 3 hours because after 3 hours we had to go push application in the market. Really for some time I became speechless and asked how it is possible to testing within 3 hours????  Finally got reply we don’t have time and you have to make it. Then I asked what about the quality and got reply that you have to think.

My reply was I need developers help who has android phones and my request was got approved. I was lucky at that time first time something tester requested and without any conversation my request got accepted.

It was really a challenge but I accepted the request and planned one strategy. First 1 and half hours I tested the application and then quickly I  created one bug list in google doc. Shared to all the android users and and sent .apk file to all. I told you have one  hour to install and fill the spread sheet if you find anything in the application which is not working. I was really tricky at that time as I mentioned in the mail that if anything will not work after going live you guys also will be responsible if any functionality will not work or any issue will be reported by the client.

I got really a nice reply from all and within half an hour I had more that 30 issues. Wow here is the deal with developers now. At the last half an hour I spoke with the project manager that I am done with the testing and showed him the spread sheet filled with the bugs.

I asked only one question to him “these are the bugs please take a look and if you are fine or ready to take the responsibility of any issue reported from this list your team will answer if question will be arises to me.”

Wow I won and got the answer from my Project Manager we cant go live until these issue will be fixed.

Now they understood the importance of testing and the quick testing request.

Hope next time there will be less request for quick testing. 🙂

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