Add password in spreadsheet

Setting up password in spread sheet is really helpful to protect your data from unwanted view from others. Please follow the tips how you can make spread sheet password protected- 1) Make sure Microsoft Office or Open Office is installed…Continue Reading →

Is your password safe ?

Is your password safe ? Today its a question that really you have to worry about if you are a frequent user of internet. One mistake can make youto pay big loss. Here are some tips that could help you…Continue Reading →

ETL Testing Steps

ETL Testing Steps Testing process and methodology in normal Manual/Black Box testing is a bit different from ETL testing. Like Black Box testing, ETL testing process also involves steps which seem similar but most of us might be having some…Continue Reading →


LEARN IMPORTANT UNIX COMMANDS List the files : ls (Lower case L and lower case S) List all files : ls -a Create Directory : mkdir Change the directory name : cd directory Change to home directory  : cd Change…Continue Reading →

ETL Testing

ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) Testing There are three phases in ETL testing 1) Extract Data 2) Transform Data 3) Load Data Extract Data :  Reads the data and Extracts the data from different sources with help of ETL tools….Continue Reading →

HTTP Request Methods

HTTP Request methods: GET : When url or http request triggered with get method it requests the server to get the requested information or data from the server. It retrieves the existing data from the database. Get method retrieves all…Continue Reading →