Testingfreak is a software testing and technology blog. We provide information about software testing,testing tools, testing approaches, latest technology on android, Windows, iOS, how-to’s and technology updates. We believe for a software tester there is no limit of gaining the knowledge. Knowing the Latest technology for a software tester is equally important as software testing.

Testingfreak website was launched in 2012.The name Testingfreak is given by Naveen Kumar who is the professional software tester and founder of Testingfreak. Naveen has a spirit to work in area of software testing in innovative ways and he thinks latest technology is the one of the keys to become not just software tester but a quality software tester. Testingfreak is self-hosted website and developed on WordPress platform.

We try to provide the complete information about software testing that every software tester should know.We understand the basic problem which a software testing professional faces during real time testing. We make easy to understand the technology and software testing information by self-learning and growing.

All the rights are reserved and strictly prohibited to publish any content or imgaes.In case of found someone publishing any content without giving credit, the necessary action will be taken against the publisher.

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