How to access Facebook offline…

Social media especially Facebook has now become most popular among everyone and to access Facebook we need a device which is connected with internet. We always view our Facebook updates online, but what if there is no internet connection available and you want to view all your updates?

I have the answer of this question and yes we can access Facebook offline as well. Now a day’s internet is available for everyone and at almost every places. But sometimes we get stuck with network and not able to connect with internet. Don’t worry, Facebook allows us to access our updates and no internet connection required at all.

I will explain in next paragraph that how you can access Facebook offline. But I can’t ignore to let you know the drawbacks. In offline you can’t chat with anyone or you can’t send your comments. But you will have full access of updates which are not viewed by you. This is possible by downloading the data from your Facebook during internet connected and later on you can view all the updates whenever you have time. Facebook allows you to download all the data that allows you access Facebook offline and you can view all the updates.

Please follow the steps to access Facebook offline and download offline data:

1) Login to Facebook with your email and password.

2) Go to Settings page by clicking on drop-down shown on right top corner and lick on Settings.


3) Click on General Settings.


4) At the bottom you will see download option. Click on Download a copy link.


5) Click on Start My Archive button to download a copy of your data.


6) Now click on Start My Archive button.


7) Once you click on Stat My Archive will gather your data and will send you the confirmation mail as well as a notification to download the data.

8) After receiving the confirmation mail or notification please click on the link sent in your inbox or again go to Settings->General->Download a copy.


9) Now click on Download Archive button.


10) Click on Download Archive will download a copy of your data in Zip folder.

11) Un-archive the download Zip folder and double click on index.htm file.


Double clicking on index.htm file will open your Facebook in the browser and you are done.

Now enjoy accessing Facebook offline !!!!

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  1. Gaurav says:

    Thanks for sharing I was really finding this since a long time.

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