Add password in spreadsheet

Setting up password in spread sheet is really helpful to protect your data from unwanted view from others.

Please follow the tips how you can make spread sheet password protected-
1) Make sure Microsoft Office or Open Office is installed in your system.
2) Open Microsoft Office Excel in your system.
3) Click on Save  button to save the excel sheet.
4) Once you will click on save the window will look like this –
5) Now click on Tools and select General Options.
6) Clicking on General Options will ask to add the password with two options- Password to open and Password to modify.
7) Enter the password and click OK will ask to reenter the password.
8) Reenter the password and click OK. Now click on save button to save the spread sheet on desired location.
Now your spread sheet is password protected and whenever you will open it will ask to enter the password.

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