Add password in WhatsApp to maintain privacy of your chats from others.

Sometimes we feel that we should have password in WhatsApp, but unfortunately there is no default feature provided by WhatsApp to add password in the app. The drawback is, anyone can see your chats if your phone or device is used by others. So the question is how we can add password in WhatsApp or how we can make WhatsApp password protected. Do not worry, I have the solution for this and I also have added password in WhatsApp application installed in my device.

Follow the steps to add password in WhatsApp:

1) Go to the Google Play Store in your android device.

2) Search for the app called CM Security and install it in your android device.


3) Once installed successfully, open the app (CM Security). It might take few seconds to open.

4) Tap on the lock icon shown on the top of the screen.


5) Click on the check-box shown next to WhatsApp to select it and then click on Protect button shown at the bottom.


6) It will ask you to set the new unlock patter. Set the pattern as you like.


7) Again confirm the same pattern.


8) Click on Done button.


Once you click on Done button, the pattern security password will be added in WhatsApp. Whenever you will open WhatsApp it will ask you to provide the pattern password.


Adding the password is not only restricted to WhatsApp but you can add password to any app available in your device by selecting the check-box shown next to the apps similarly as you selected for WhatsApp.

How to remove password:

1) Tap on CM Security app and then tap on lock icon.


2) Draw the same pattern which you created to add password in WhatsApp.


3) Tap on WhatsApp will show the lock icon as unlocked. That means you have successfully unlocked the password from WhatsApp.



Similarly if you have added password to the other apps you can follow the same process to remove the password from the apps.

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11 Responses to “Add password in WhatsApp to maintain privacy of your chats from others.”

  1. danie says:

    Isn’t there a pin where you can use your fingers

  2. RICHARD says:

    Hi, this is rich. Good work done.Why can’t we use finger print instead of the pattern. Will be very grateful for that development/ Thank you/

  3. shanaya says:

    I used this app but my whtapp automatically unlock after sometime, what should I do??

  4. Toni says:

    Does this work on iphone 7? If not, which app is best… please?

    • Adam Aitmouha says:

      There is no possible way other than jailbreaking your iPhone. Once jailbroken, find WhatsApp++ in Cydia.

  5. Jinto says:

    If someone really wants to see wats app chats in ur phone , he/she can simply uninstall this app and open watsapp. Then whats the use ?

  6. vipin says:

    It’s really a nice app

  7. Samik Chakraborty says:

    Really helpful

  8. Akshay says:

    Hi Naveen that was a great post. I was using AppCrash lock, that fakes the crash of WhatsApp app to make it impossible to detect even you’ve set up a password for your app.

    AppLock is also great. The greatest feature I love is key scrambling, where number positions will suffer each time a password is asked, so that snoopers can’t get through.

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