Agile Methodology-Scrum and Sprint–Speed up your testing and development work

What is Agile Methodology?

Agile as the name specifies something that to be done faster or quickly. On testing and development point of view Agile is completely a new methodology to speed up your testing and development activity. As the requirements change frequently and we need to complete the testing or development for the change request as quick as possible. In this situation agile methodology comes forward. Agile methodology should be performed from the starting of the project and should carry out till the project go live. Even some times this methodology carry forward for some more time until the project becomes stable. . There are many processes comes under Agile methodology but out of them tow are very important-

Scrum and Sprint.

Scrum Meeting:

Scrum is a kind of short time meeting done every day and we discuss about every day work. Its not like a general meeting but we fully focus on the whole day development and testing work. Also in this meeting we discuss about the daily work and priority modules. We plan for –

Total time duration: In scrum meeting we decide the total time duration for each sprint to test and develop. On daily basis we track the progress of each task assigned.

Identifying the risk: Another plan that we make in scrum meeting is to identify the risks. Risks like which tasks are more complicated or which task could have probability to be failed or which task could have more bugs etc.

Cost: This is another priority that we discuss in Scrum meeting that how much cost will be to develop or test any task. If development time or testing time will be exceeded will affect the expected or allocated cost. So we discuss how to balance time and cost.

Resources: How many resources required to test or develop each task is also an important factor that are discussed in scrum meeting.

There are some other topics as well like potential of the work, backlogs etc. are also a part of discussion that should be happen in scrum meeting.

In Scrum meeting generally we used to have one scrum master who decides how smoothly project development and testing are going on.


Sprint Planning:

Sprint is nothing but its a part of scrum meeting where we decide which module should be developed or tested first. The piece of task is called sprint. In scrum meeting we set our sprint planning. Once sprint planning is done we discuss on daily basis about the progress of particular sprint and sprint backlog in sprint meeting. Backlog is nothing but a list of tasks to be completed and assigned to the individual. The progress of the sprint is discussed in scrum meeting. We analyze how many sprints are developed and how many sprints are still pending. Sprint which takes the long time as expected are divided into small sprints to speed up the work. Work on each sprint is completely based on priority. 

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