Block Ads in Your Android Device Pops-Up While Internet Browsing or Using Apps or During Playing Games.

Some times its really annoying the ads pop up during playing games or browsing or using any app in android devices. So the question is how we can stop or block these unwanted ads or pop ups so that we should not close it manually and get out of it.

There are many ways to stop it and here are few that will help you to access add free applications in android devices.

Install any ad blocker app:

There are many apps available in the market that you can download and install in your device, that will stop unwanted adds or pop ups.

Here are best 5 free Ad Blocker apps that you can install in your device to prevent from adds during playing games or browsing or using any app.

      • AdBlockPlus  
      • Ad Control
      • AirPush Detector
      • Easy Ads Cleaner
      • TrustGo Ad Detector

Set Up Hosts File to Block Ads:

You can set-up Host File to block adds as well. This method is also very easy but it works only with the rooted device. So please make sure your device is already rooted before applying this method. Follow the steps given below to set-up hosts file. Once set-up is done it will block all the ads shown in various apps and games.

Steps to follow:

1)      Open the given link in the browser Hosts (Click on Hosts) . Once you will open the link in the browser it will look like this :


2)      Right click on the page and click on the option “Save Page As”. Save the page by giving the name as hosts in the computer.

3)      Connect your USB and copy the file to your mobile or android device. Remember the location where you have copied the file in the device.

4)      Now open file manager, copy and paste the hosts file to  /etc or /system/etc.


5) If any hosts file exists already please rename file and keep it for safety purpose if you find any issue after adding new hosts file. Restart your device and now your device apps are add free. 

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