Convert Live Photos Into GIF By Following Few Easy Steps

Technology is on boom now a days and countless features in technology are coming every day. The recent feature launched by iPhone that is Live Photos. Yes if you have latest OS in your iPhone you can capture Live Photos. Before I explain the steps how to convert Live Photos into GIF, first it is important to know how to capture Live Photos in your iPhone.

Its simple and easy, to capture Live Photos what all you have to do, you have to open camera in your iPhone and tap on yellow circle shown on top middle of the screen.


Live Photos feature captures multiple photos at a time and saves it in form of .mov file as well as .jpeg or .jpg file format. Capturing Live Photos feature is unique and comes with iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

I believe now you have captured Live Photos and ready to convert your captured Live Photos into GIF. Copy all captured Live Photos to your PC, make sure you are copying .mov file. Now you can go for any online MOV to GIF converter in case if you don’t have MOV to GIF converter installed in your PC.

There are many online MOV to GIF converter available which are very simple and easy to use. One of them is . This online converter is free of cost and very easy to follow. Open the URL in browser. Select the option of video file and then upload .mov file.



Follow the instructions given on the website and finally download the converted file which is converted from MOV to GIF.

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