Convert your laptop to wi-fi router

Convert your laptop to Wi-Fi router and connect many  devices to access internet. Your laptop will work as Wi-Fi router and will show the connecting point to connect other devices same as you connect with Wi-Fi.

If you have internet adapter/dongle accessible only in one device and if you want to connect more than one devices with same internet connection, you can use your laptop to make it as Wi-Fi router and could enjoy connecting many devices.

Here are few tips that will convert your laptop to Wi-Fi router :

1) Connect your laptop with internet adapter/dongle so that you should be able to access internet. Make sure you have connected with internet with any dongle or any internet service enabled device to access internet in your laptop.
2) Just to make sure you are able to access internet open some browser and type any url and confirm your internet is working.
3) Go to control panel in your laptop (Start->Control panel)

wifi14) Click on Network and Internet option

wifi25) Click on Network and Sharing Center


6) Click on Set up a new connection or network.

wifi47) One new widow will open. On this window click on “Set up a wireless ad hoc (computer-to-computer) network” and then click on Next button.


8) Clicking on Next button will take you to the another page. Again click on next button and then give the Network name. It could be any name.

Network Name- Any Name
Security Type- No authentication (Open)
Security Key-Leave it blank


9) Click on Next and you are done. Now click on Close button.


10) You can confirm your connection by clicking on network icon shown at right bottom corner. It will display your network name that you have created.

11) Search for this network in any device which has Wi-Fi feature. The device should detect this connection and then you can connect your device by searching this network.
You are all set and now your laptop is Wi-Fi router.


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