Copy Text And Code From One Computer To Another Computer Using Collabedit

Collabedit is one of the best tools which could be used to copy text or code from one computer to another computer quickly. There is no any external device needed. Collabedit provides the feature to edit the text or code in any programming languages like C,C++,XML,PHP etc.

The same text and code can be shared to the multiple people. Collabedit keeps the history of your text or code until you delete it. You can view the text and code anytime. In case you have switched off your computer and reopen it later, Collabedit keeps the contents as it was left before.

There is no registration required to use this tool. Collabedit provides the unique ID which you can share with any person with whom you would like to share your text or code. As this tool works online in browser so there is no installation required.

What all you need to do, you need to have internet connection in all the computers.

Please follow the below steps to use collabedit-

  • Open any browser and type the URL in address bar –
  • Click on the button – Create a New Document.


  • It will prompt you to enter you name. You can give any name as you wish and click OK.


  • Now it will generate URL with unique ID which you can see in address bar in the browser.


  • Copy and paste the same URL to any browser in another computer. The text or code once you enter in one computer the same will appear in another computers. Below screens shot is from two different systems.


  • Chat also can be performed at the same time with the people whom you have shared the URL.


Hope this tool will help you to make your work easy and speed up your work activity.

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