A perfect software testing tool that brings all the operating systems and browsers at a single place-Cross Browser Testing

What is Cross Browser Testing:

Cross Browser Testing is nothing but testing the web application in different browsers, different versions of browsers, different operating systems and the page design of the application in different screen resolutions.

How Cross Browser Testing Works:

Cross Browser Testing tool provides the feature that allows you to test your application at a single place instead of testing in different machines which have operating system and browsers installed. One of the best software testing tools ever I have used. Cross Browser Testing tool that brings all the available browsers and operating systems at one place. This flexibility makes our work easy and no need to test our application in different systems installed different browsers and operating systems. Cross Browser Testing tool creates one log-in and password for you that you can use to connect with the Cross Browser Testing tool server. Once connected it gives all the facility to test the application in a single system. You can select any operating system and any browser that you want to test with. What all you have to do, you have to add your application URL and select browser and operating system. After adding your URL, your web application will load in selected browser and operating system. You can take screen shots of each step or navigation and see the result.

How to test application with Cross Browser Testing:

Please follow the steps to test with Cross Browser Testing tool:

1) Open the link  in any browser in your system.- Click here to open the link.

2) Click on Start a Free Trial button.


3) Clicking on start a free trial button will ask you to create free account. Please provide your email and password and create account.

4) On successful account creation you will be landed on Thank You page.

5) Now you have to open your mail and verify the email by clicking on the link sent in your inbox by Cross Browser Testing tool after registration.

6) As soon as you will click on verification link you will landed on Cross Browser Testing tool page with notification shown as Email Verified.


7) Now click on LET’S START TESTING! Button to start testing your application. It will take few seconds to start so keep patient.

8) Once tool loaded in your browser go ahead and click on Run Live Test button.


9) Clicking on Run Live Test button will provide the option to enter the URL of your application and to select the Operating System, Browser, Device either Mobile or Desktop and Resolution. Desktop is selected by default. 


10) Enter your URL as I have entered www.google.com and choose the options from Desktop. Here are options selected Operating System as Windows XP SP3, Browser as Internet Explorer 8 and Resolution as 1024×768.

11) Click on Run Test button will start testing and you can view the page loaded in selected Operating System and Browser with specified resolution.


That’s all. Now enjoy your testing with Cross Browser Testing tool. On the loaded screen also, you can change the operating system and browser by selected the dropdown shown on left top corner. Take screen shot or record your screen if you would like to.

One thing I would like to bring, as you might not avail all the features provided by Cross Browser Testing tool as you are using trial version. If you would like this tool you can go ahead and subscribe for full version by following the terms and conditions and enjoy all the features. HAPPY TESTING!!!!!

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