All About Defect or Bug Life Cycle

What is Defect or Bug Life Cycle:

Defect life cycle or Bug life cycle is the process the report and resolve the bug and to track the status. The goal of defect life cycle or bug life cycle is to resolve and test the bug or defect and follow the process till defect or bug exists. Defect or bug can be raised at any point during testing and could be reported to the relevant development team to fix it. The defect carries till its lifetime until status becomes closed.

Steps of defect life cycle:

  • New
  • Assigned
  • Open
  • Resolved
  • Retest
  • Closed
  • Reopened
  • Duplicate
  • Rejected
  • Deferred


New – When any defect or bug is found and validated, the status of but or defect is logged in as New.

Assigned – Once bug or defect is raised and considered as valid, the raised defect or bug is assigned to the relevant team or developer to resolve and the status marked as Assigned.

Open – Once bug or defect is assigned to developers, they start analyzing and the status of the bug or defect is marked as Open. Bug fixing gets started in this phase.

Resolved – After fixing the issue by developers, status of the bug or defect is changed to Resolved and reassigned to testing for retest.

Retest – Testing team again retest the fixed issue and status marked as retest until testing completes.

Closed – If testing team assures that reported issue is fixed and working as expected then status is changed to closed.

Reopened – If testing team finds that issue is still existing and the fixed bug or defect still reproducible, then the task is again assigned to developers to fix the bug by specifying the scenarios to reproduce the bug, this time status marked as reopened.

Duplicate – If any bug is already reported and again the same bug is reported to fix it. During analyzing of the bug if found that the bug has already been reported and in progress state, then status for the reported bug or defect is marked as Duplicate.

Rejected – After analyzing any reported bug or defect by developers, if they find that bug is invalid, then developers can reject the bug or defect by providing valid reason and status is marked as Rejected.

Deferred – If any bug which is reported and can’t be fixed in current release and moved to the next release, in this case QA team change the status of the bug or defect as Deferred. To differ a bug could have many reasons like lack of time, dependencies on other features, low priority.

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