How to delete unwanted mails automatically from Gmail?

No need to delete unwanted mails manually or no need to use any additional software to do this. If you have Gmail account and you are completely fed-up of unwanted mails which eats your inbox memory and makes you annoyed, go ahead and do the setup to stop these unwanted mails and delete it automatically. Gmail is the great source of email and you might be getting hundreds or thousands of unwanted mails every day. By doing the settings mentioned below you can protect your inbox to store mails which you really don’t want to see in the future. Gmail comes with the feature that allows you to delete unwanted mails automatically.

Follow the steps to delete unwanted mails automatically:

1) Log in to your Gmail account.

2) Go to Inbox.

3) Click on Gear icon and then click on Settings.


4) Click on Filters and then click on Create a new filter.


5) Enter from address of the unwanted mail which came to your inbox and then click on Create filter with this search.


6) Select the options Skip the Inbox and Delete it and then click on Create filter button.


7) Now click in all the check boxes to select all the mails came from unwanted email address to be deleted as well.


8) Click on Delete button and you are done.

Now you have successfully created filter for unwanted mail which will delete it automatically.

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