Disable Read Receipts feature or blue ticks from your WhatsApp…

WhatsApp recently launched one feature called “Read Receipts” that was showing next to the messages with double ticks in blue color and that was the notification indicating that your message has been read by the receiver.

Not much convinced that how do they identify that message have been read by receiver. It was quite convincing that message have been delivered or seen but whether the message have been read or not that totally makes me crazy or making me to laugh.

Any way I don’t like this feature and I want to disable this feature that does not make any sense for me and many people feel the same.

The question is how to disable read receipts feature from WhatsApp ?

Yes we can disable this feature with the rollout of WhatsApp version 2.11.444. WhatsApp has added new feature that will allow you to disable Read Receipts option by following few settings in the app that I will explain you how can do this.

You need to download this new version from WhatsApp’s official website www.whatsapp.com as the new version will be rolled out to all the users soon.

Once you download and install the new version which has option to disable read receipts feature, please follow the steps mentioned below to do the settings that will make your app Read Receipts feature disabled.

Go to the Settings -> Account -> Privacy

Under privacy you will see Read Receipts option check box.

Please uncheck Read receipts option will disabled the Read Receipts blue tick feature from your app.

Its upto you how do you like your app to perform with features available. So now WhatsApp has given preveledge that use your app as you want. Thanks to WhatsApp for keeping users need in mind.

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