Download, Install and Use WhatsApp in PC

The most popular app WhatsApp. Now it doesn’t need much explanation about the popularity and features. Rarely, I find people saying they are not familiar with WhatsApp. There are many apps available in the market but there is no real competitor yet who can compete WhatsApp. WhatsApp is for everyone now and does not matter what operating system you are running in your smart devices.

So as we know WhatsApp application is available for almost all popular operating systems. But there is no any PC version available that you can download and install in your PC. Even I am little surprised why this app does not have any PC version available yet, as this App has made the revolution among people.

Sometimes we might feel to use WhatsApp in PC because we don’t want to check our phone while doing some important work on PC. It will be really nice if WhatsApp installed in PC so any message comes, we can reply immediately without touching our phone or any separate device. Anyway, since we do not have any version available to install WhatsApp in PC, but still we can install and use it in very efficient way with emulator BlueStacks App Player. BlueStack App player allows to install any mobile application in PC.

Here are few tips and steps that you can follow and enjoy WhatsApp in PC. Its very easy. Please follow the steps to download, install and use WhatsApp in PC with BlueStack App Player.

1) Go to the link and download App Player – Click Here

2) Double click on downloaded file to install BlueStack App in your PC.


3) Click on Continue

4) Click on Next.

5) Click on Install

6) It will take few minutes to download the data and install completely.

7) Once installed successfully the interface will look like this-


8) Now click on Search icon shown on top left corner.


9) Type WhatsApp in app search box.


10) Click on WhatsApp icon to install the application. You will might get the screen asking to continue.

11) Click on Continue.


12) If you have existing Google account please click on Existing. If not then click on New. I have clicked on existing.


13) Now enter your Google Id and password.


14) Click on next navigation button and then click on OK.


15) Clicking OK will start installing the app. Click on next navigation button and then click on Continue.



16) Enter your Gmail password once again.


17) Click on Sign in. Once logged in click on Lets go button.


18) Now click on Install button to install WhatsApp.


19) Click on Accept.


20) Clicking on Accept will start installing WhatsApp.

21) Once installed successfully click on Open.


22) Now you have successfully installed WhatsApp in BlueStack.

23) Click on Agree and Continue to open WhatsApp Application.


24) Enter your phone number and click on OK.


You are done and now you have WhatsApp in your PC. Enjoy anytime while working on PC and no need to check your phone all the time for any new WhatsApp messages.

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  1. Emily says:

    Thanks for sharing, it worked for me.

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