Edit PDF File Using Microsoft Word

Need of keeping  file in PDF is, not to allow anybody to edit the contents in the file. But sometimes for some reason might be it is required to edit PDF as well. But it is not as easy as editing word documents if you do not know how to edit PDF files. To edit PDF files, either you need to buy some paid PDF editor tool or you will have to know the way how to edit PDF.

Here is one of those techniques to edit PDF with help of Microsoft Word which costs nothing. You need to have Microsoft Office installed in your system.

Microsoft word allows us to edit PDF files. What all you have to do, you have to open PDF file in Microsoft Word.

Please follow the steps mentioned below to login edit PDF files using Microsoft Word-

  • Open Microsoft Word in your system.
  • Now open PDF file in Word by clicking on File->Open


  • I have kept my file on Desktop so I selected Desktop option. You can select the place where ever you have saved the file.
  • Once PDF file opened in Word Document, you can edit it.
  • Do the edit work as per your wish and select option to save the file. Save will ask you to save file in word document. Here is the trick, do not select default file extension.
  • Select the file extension as .pdf


Hope this will help you to edit PDF file in Word which is simple, easy and free…..

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