Forward Video Or Text Or Image To Multiple People In WhatsApp

I was discussing about technology today and one of my friends asked me suddenly, can we send video or image or text to multiple people at a time in WhatsApp. I too though on this and that time I could not answer because I too never experienced forwarding videos of text or image to multiple people and this I used to do by forwarding one content at a time in WhatsApp like forward one text to one person by selecting it. But how we can forward one video or text or image to multiple contacts in WhatsApp?

Now I have answer, Yes we can forward any content to multiple contacts at a time in WhatsApp and this can be done by following few steps which are mentioned below-

Tap on WhatsApp to open it in your device.

On Chat window tap on menu option to view options.


Tap on New Broadcast option.


Type contact name and tap on the searched contact to add.


You can also Click on + logo to add more contacts.


Finally tap on create button to create broadcast.


Here you have created broadcast successfully.


Now go to the message that you want to forward. While forwarding you can now select created broadcast and your message will be forwarded to all the people who are added broadcast.

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  1. Ramu says:

    Very helpful info!…thanks 🙂

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