Free Open Source Unit Testing Tools


JUnit is one of the popular unit testing tools which provides a simple framework to run and test scripts. JUnit works based on the annotations defined. Using JUnit framework annotations you can test the application modules and get the result quickly. JUnit can be integrated with Eclipse and used in very efficient way. JUnit is linked as JAR file. JUnit allows to test the application and analyze the test result, simple to write the code in a short time, automatic report generation, organize test suites and test cases and prioritize them based on the requirement.


TestNG is the tool that provides platform to perform unit testing of your application. Mostly TestNG is used by developers to perform unit testing, but now a days TestNG is also widely used by software testers for white box testing. TestNG generates the report that is very useful to analyze the application performances. Easy to debug and find the bugs. If you are developing your application using eclipse and want to perform unit testing, I suggest TestNG is the perfect tool.


NUnit is an open source unit testing framework which is written in C# and provides features to test the application developed in .Net language. NUnit is similar to JUnit which allows different annotations to test the script and get the test result. NUnit brings xUnit to all .NET languages. NUnit allows to add test cases to one or more categories. Alike JUnit, NUnit also has GUI which makes the test very simple. You can run your test continuously and concurrently with multiple tests with NUnit and get the result quickly.


JMockit is free open source unit testing tool mostly used by developers for testing the applications similar to JUnit or TestNG. JMockit has enhanced features which generally not available in other unit testing tools which prevented the creation of unit tests for code designed according to well-established Object Oriented practices. With JMockit, its every easy and simple to write tests. ASM library is used for reading and in-memory generation of modified bytecode arrays. JMockit allows to mock static and final methods, constructors, and future instances, final classes, enums, annotations, and multiple interfaces, implementation classes given just the interface or base class, expressive recording & verification API, with elegant and consistent syntax etc.


 Emma is open source free unit testing tool based on 100% java which measures and reports java code coverage. Emma supports large-scale enterprise software development while keeping individual developer’s work fast and iterative. The unique feature of Emma is developers can get code coverage for free and fast. Apart from these Emma also supports different coverage types like class, method, line, basic block etc. Report can be generated as plain text, HTML and XML.


Quilt is open source tool that measure code coverage. With help of Quilt you can analyze whether code is being tested or not. Quilt is optimized for use with the JUnit unit test package, the Ant Java build facility, and the Maven project management toolkit. You can rung Quilt along with JUnit while perform unit testing and check whether all the code coverage has been completed or not. One of the objectives of the Quilt project is full JUnit interoperability. Working with Quilt is similar to JUnit.


HtmlUnit is open source testing tool which provides API that allows to invoke pages, fill out forms, click on links etc. HtmlUnit is similar like browser where you perform all the activities. HtmlUnit supports JavaScript and is able to work with Ajax libraries. Using HtmlUnit you can test the application and retrieve information from website. HtmlUnit also supports HTTP and HTTPS protocols, cookies, POST and GET methods, HTML responses, Proxy server and many more.

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