Holaa – A new launch by Nimbuzz. Do we really need this App as TrueCaller and TrueDialer have already the same feature?

Recently a new caller ID app launched by Nimbuzz called Holaa. Not sure how much people are going to like this app where TrueCaller and TrueDialer are already popular among people.

So we can say we have a new competitor for TrueCaller who is claiming to provide the same feature as true caller. Question arises what is difference in Holaa that people should love this app? One difference that Holaa has, caller ID information at offline. So you can get called ID information even your device is not connected with internet. This feature works by storing the information locally which already have dialed or called online. If you want to know the information about unknown number or any unknown call which has already called during online, you can get the information even offline while calling next time or if call comes in offline.

Holaa is available at Google Play Store for free download only for Android devices. For Apple App Store and Windows, Holaa app will be available soon as information released from Nimbuzz.

During first setup you need to provide your phone number to get the verification code and in the next step you need to provide your name.

Once it is installed you can select the options to get the information as Calls, Incoming Calls, and Missed Calls with complete information by tapping on the particular number. 


If you are already using TrueCaller and TrueDialer you might be not much interested in this app as this app works on the same way as TrueCaller and TrueDialer by identifying unknown callers or spammers. This app also provides the feature to reject or block the number and its up-to you that whether you want to block or reject the caller or not.

Nimbuzz is already very popular app that provides free voice calling facility anywhere in the world if you have internet connection in your device.

As I have mentioned above the offline feature that might could give a challenge to TrueCaller and could make more popular Holaa app. Hope for the best.

Holaa shows the Caller ID by tracking caller’s name, photo and location during call. If you talk about security, one good thing with Holaa is that, it does not upload any contacts from your phonebook to make you contacts searchable or public.

So which one you are going to choose Holaa or True Caller? Please leave a comment.

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