How to pass random emails in webpage using Jmeter

Conducting performance test with Jmeter is quite easy but adding different condition in test cases are quite challenging. If you are using Jmeter for performance test or functional test and you are not sure how to generate random emails using Jmeter, I will provide you the way how to pass random emails using Jmeter.

There are some situation like performing test by filling out any kind of sign up form where we can’t use same email multiple times or for each sign-up you required different email address, you can follow the approach to pass unique email generated each time of execution.

Follow the steps to generate unique random emails on each iteration of test case using Jmeter.

1) Open Jmeter.

2) Record the script using browser and provide any email address first time.

3) Once script recording will be completed by filling up fields in webpage you will be able to see the same information in the recorded script in Jmeter with POST request.


4) Add User Parameter to HTTP Request controller by Right clicking on HTTP Request controller->Add->Pre Processor->User Parameter.


5) Once User Parameter added it will look like this-


6) Click on Add Variable button will add a field in the Parameters section. Click inside the added filed and add-

In the Name field add Email

In the User_1 field add ${__V(Test10${__Random(1,10000,)}}


7) Click on HTTP Request Controller and in email field add value as ${Email}.


8) Click on save icon to save the changes.

That’s all. Now every time you run the script the email will be triggered unique random email.

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  1. ammu says:

    Cool ! , Nice article . Worked .

  2. Happy Independence Day USA 2016 says:

    Good blog post. I absolutely love this site. Continue the good work!

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