How To Recover and Restore Deleted Files If Files Are Deleted From Recycle Bin

Have you deleted your files from your computer and also files are not available in recycle bin? It can make you crazy if you have deleted some important files from your computer and you badly need those files. Sometimes also while deleting any file you click Ctrl+Shift+Delete which deletes the file and that file does not appears in your recycle bin as well. If you have done so, don’t worry, you still have chances to recover deleted files.

Please follow the steps mentioned below to recover any kind of file which has been deleted and not available in your system anymore.

1) Go to the link and download the software –

         If you are using Windows – Click Here

         If you are using Mac – Click Here

2) Once download completes please install the software in your system. You can install software by double clicking on downloaded file and following the instruction given. It will take less than 60 seconds to install.

3) Once installed successfully the interface will look like this-


4) You can select file type which you want to recover as Graphics, Audio, Document etc. and then click on Next button.

5) After clicking on next button it will show all the drives which are in your system.


6) Click on Scan button will start scanning of all the deleted files. Scanning could take little long time depends size of your data.


7) Now select the folder where ever you would like to recover deleted data and click on Recover button.

That’s all. Click on Recover button will recover all the deleted files which you can save at your desired location.

Note : In trial version you can only view deleted files. To save deleted files please go for full version.

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