How To Schedule a Mail In Gmail To Be Sent It Later Using Boomerang

Mail scheduling is nothing but compose a mail which could be sent automatically to the person on specified time. Time could be any day or time whichever you would like mail to be triggered.

Sometimes it is possible that you might will not have enough time to send the mail and you would like to schedule a mail which could be sent automatically to specified recipient. In many cases mails need to be sent on every specific day. To avoid remembering and making easy these kind of tasks you can compose mail and schedule it for specific time.

Gmail does not come by default to scheduler mail however you can schedule any mail to be sent later using Boomerang Gmail extension. What all you have to do you have to open Boomerang website and add this to your Gmail.

Here are the steps that you can follow to add Boomerang in your Gmail and start scheduling mails-

1) Open the Boomerang website in your browser – Click Here To Open

2) Click on Add this to your Gmail button.


3) Click on Add extension button. This screen shot is for chrome browser if you are using any other browser, this window could be different. If FireFox just click on Allow button.


4) Once extension added it will be redirected to your Gmail account. Login your Gmail account.

5) After login Gmail account you will see this screen-


6) Click on START button or click on SKIP if you don’t want to view the instruction.

7) Keep clicking on NEXT and finally click on FINISH button.

8) On successful installation of Boomerang, you will see two Send buttons. One will be Send and another will be Send Later.


9) You can select the option Send Later. After clicking on Send Later button will ask you to set date and time.


10) Select date that you wanted to schedule the mail and click on Confirm button. It will redirected you to Deny or Allow window.

11) Click on Allow.


Once scheduled message successfully you can view the message on the top like this-


If you are not able to view this message you can view the mail in Boomerang-Outbox shown on left side bar.


Your message will look like this-


Here you have option to Edit Message or Reschedule it on another time or Send it now or if you don’t want to send this message simply click on Don’t Send option.

If you want to uninstall Boomerang you can simply go to your browser extension and remove it. Once Boomerang disabled from or removed you will not be able to view the Scheduler in your Gmail account after refreshing the page.

For Chrome type chrome://extensions/ in your chrome browser and in Firefox type about:addons in Firefox browser.

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