How to share internet connection from one android device to other device using hotspot or Wi-Fi tethering?

I have many devices which I use for different purposes but there is only one android device which has internet connection enabled. But using one device I share internet to other devices using hotspot or Wi-Fi tethering. It’s really simple and easy and I never bother to have individual internet connection in each device which I need to pay individually. Your device which has internet connection will act as Wi-Fi router and you can connect as many devices you want to connect with single device and access internet. So if you also have the same situation you can follow the steps and share internet connection from one android device to other device using hotspot or Wi-Fi tethering:

Follow the steps to enable sharing of internet in your any android device:

1) Open settings page in your android device and tap on More… option.


2) Tap on Tethering & portable hotspot option.


3) Tap on Wi-Fi hotspot option to setup hotspot. Don’t turn Wi-Fi hotspot on just tab on the text.


4) Tap on “Set up Wi-Fi hotspot”.


5) Provide the Network SSID (It could be any name) and Password of your choice and then click on Save button to save the changes.


In few devices there will be default password, in that case no need to setup this page.

6) Now turn Wi-Fi hotspot ON.


7) As soon as you turn ON, you device will start working as secure Wi-Fi router and will be searchable on any other device once you will turn the Wi-Fi ON in other devices.(I have turned Wi-Fi on in my laptop).


8) Click on Connect button will ask you to enter password. Please enter the password which you have added during setup or if your device have default password for hotspot (comes in few devices), enter that password and click OK will connect to your device which has internet access.

That’s all. Now enjoy connecting many devices and start accessing internet from a single device.

9 Responses to “How to share internet connection from one android device to other device using hotspot or Wi-Fi tethering?”

  1. Honey says:

    My hotspot is on but it is not working.

  2. mohd jahangir says:

    My hot spot is on but it’s not connecting to Motorola mobile

  3. Tricia says:

    Does the phone im taking the internet from have to be within so many feet of my phone or will i lose the Internet when the otherbperson leaves town???

  4. febian says:

    after searching and connecting my phone to the other device, it can’t access internet, what should i do?

  5. Visu says:

    Thanks its very helpful.

  6. Meg says:

    In my phone theres a default Phone mane and default password which is not visible. Now the second device is asking for password. What should I do?

  7. Rahul says:

    Sometimes when I allow my relative to use it says it connecting but doesn’t connects plz help me.
    Plz help me it doesn’t let me share internet

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