iPad Air 2 and Mini 3 – New launch by Apple but does really people need all the features?

New launch by Apple iPad Air 2 and Mini 3. The best tablets in the market this time and yes our expectation is also high if Apple announces any device launch. We always excited to hear what is coming new from Apple.

There are lots of tablets available in the market from low price to high price with n-number of features. But if we talk about Apple devices we never think much about features and perfection. Of course Apple has definitely full filled our desire of technology.

Here are few features that are added in new generation of iPads launched by Apple :

Faster processor than predecessor Fantastic design, more thinner than the last iPad. Touch ID, Fingerprint Scanner and many more. No doubt fantastic tablets in the market.

The question arises, does really people need all these new features available in iPad Air 2 and Mini 3 ?

New features make people to attract more. Yes more features more expensive prices. The new iPad 2 price starts at $499 and the iPad Mini 3 starts at $399 have only 16GB storage. If you need more storage you need to pay more. Does it really make sense to pay $500 or $600 for a tablet. Decision is yours.

If you consider about thickness, the new iPad Air 2 is 1.5 mm thinner than the iPad Air. Are you ready to pay more prices just to get the device which makes minor difference in physical design or do you really need tablet where the same features with more convenient you can find in your iPhones.

I am a great fan of technology specially of Apple products. If you are not a geek for the devices and you use your phone only for calling purposes and computer for other work or to play games you can go ahead and buy it.

It totally depends on your daily work and interest for the technology. If you use your tablet for web browsing or to play games or to watch movies, I think you should think before buying the new iPad Air 2 or Mini 3 launched by apple with more expensive prices.

Now lets talk about design and specially about iPad Mini 3. If you take the old iPad mini you will not find much difference other than price. You can save $100 on buying last year’s launched iPad Mini. Only the difference is color and Touch ID in new iPad Mini 3 and last year’s iPad Mini.

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