Is your password safe ?

Is your password safe ? Today its a question that really you have to worry about if you are a frequent user of internet. One mistake can make youto pay big loss. Here are some tips that could help you to secure your password whenever you use your password online.

1) Spam Mails : Always try to avoid to open the spam mails. Spam mails can steal your information. If you find any suspicious mail please never try to open it. Never reply to spam mails or never provide you sensitive data if some one asks you in unknown mails.

2) Never use password which can be easily guessed : Yes if you have kept your password with your name or your car number or anything that could be easily guessed, you have to change it.

3) Have you logged out successfully ? : Never leave your application logged in. Make sure every time you log out from application before you leave your computer or you go away from your computer. If you have logged in you application in browser please log out before you close the application of leave the system. If possible try to clear cache the browser as well by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete button.

4) Combination of different characters : Always use different character combinations. If possible try to use some letters in Caps and Small letters, some number and some special characters combinations.

5) Have you saved your password in the browser ? :Avoid to save your password when browser asks to save the password. Sometimes people open their email or any application in the browser and when browsers asks to save the password they click on save password option. Please try to avoid clicking on save password if your system is used by other people also.

6) Try the change password after every certain time : This habit will keep you always safe from stealing the password. Changint ghe password frequently will not make other to let try many times to crack the password.

7) Is your password very small : Never keep your password small. Keep you password longer. Yes if you will keep you password very small or only 3-4 characters password, it makes hackers  easy to crack if they try few times.

8) Is your password unique ? : Always try to use unique password. Do not use the same password for all the logins. Make sure its unique and not related to your name or your house name or any name or number that you frequently use in your day to day life.

9) If you have many password and difficult to remember, use tool that keep your password in encrypted format. Its really difficult to remember all the password. So try to find some safe tool or software where you can keep all your password safe.If you keep your password in spread sheet, make sure your spread sheet is password protected.

10)Clicking on suspicious adds or pop ups can steal your password :  If your account is logged in, never click on adds or any suspicious pop ups shown on your screen that you do not know.

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