Parameterization In Jmeter

Using Parameterization we can execute one test plan for more than one user at the same time. This is a method of generalizing an action for many users.

For Example- If three different people want to search three different keywords then we need to parameterize. So once Jmeter will execute it will take the  first keyword and search then it will take second keyword and then finally it will take last keyword and perform the operation.

 Please follow the instruction to parameterize the simple search in google for three different keywords (Testing, Jmeter, Selenium)

 We are going to parameterize for the search of three keywords – (Jemter, Test, Selenium) in google.

To Parameterize Jmeter please follow the steps give below-

1) Open notepad and type the words-

2) Save page on desktop as search.csv

3) Follow the  process and record the script for google search for a single word in Jmeter. Why I am suggesting single word because later we are going to parameterize other words.

Once the  script will be recorded the page will look like-

4) Now Click on the thread name search and change “q” parameter as ${A}.  ‘A’ we are going to use as a Variable to store different parameters for the search.

Please refer the screen shot-

After Replacement-

5) Now right click on the thread search and add CSV Data Set Config.

 Right Click on search thread–> Add–> Config Element–> CSV Data Set Config.

Once CSV Data Set Config page is added we need to configure-

 Filename- This is the name of the file where you are going to save the different search words. (Don’t worry I will make you easy to understand in next few steps.)

 Variable Names- This is the name of the variable where we will store the search data during running the script.

 Stop thread on EOF- Once search will be completed the thread will get stopped automatically.

So now I am going to configure these fields-

Filename- search.csv

Variable Names- A

Stop thread on EOF- True

6) Click on Thread Group and change Number of Threads as 3 and Ramp-Up Period as 3. I am suggesting to make it 3 because we are going to search 3 key words. Or you can say we are going to user 3 users to search each keywords.

Here we are done with all the configurations.

You can add some listeners to view the result by right clicking on thread group. I am going to add listener as Summary Report.

Now just press Ctrl+s to save the jmeter script and run the script by pressing Ctrl+r  and see the magic.

Here is your result after running the script-

You can use other listeners to view the detailed report…


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