Record HPPS Page

Its difficult to record HTTPS pages in Jmeter and perform the load. But we can record the script in BadBoy tool and run easily in Jmeter.

 So here are the tips how to record script in badboy tool  and run in Jmeter.

 1) Go to the link and download badboy too- register and download the latest version. (Badboy Installer – 2.1.3 )

 2) Install the bad boy in your system its .exe file so you can install easily.

Once it is installed it will look like-

3) Its very simple to record the script. In the URL field of badboy type the HTTPS url that you want to record the script.

4) After typing the url hit Enter button. By default recording will be on. If not you can click on recording button.

5) Do whatever operations you want to do for your website. Once you are done with navigation or any operations click on stop button to stop the recording.

6) Click on File and Click on Export to Jmeter option.

7) It will ask to save the scrip. Save the script wherever you want.

8) Open Jmeter and click on File menu. Click on Open option.

9) Browse the file and   Click on thread group. Change the Number of Threads and Ramp up period as you want. Save it and run the script.

You can add some listeners to view the result.




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