Stepping Thread Group

The Distributed load can be form by adding Stepping Thread group as well.  Here the difference in Ultimate and Stepping Thread group is in Ultimate thread group each thread will start one by one but in stepping thread group we can start group of threads at a time.

 1) Now open Jmeter and right click on Test Plan.

2) Go to Add –> Threads (Users) –> jp@gc – Stepping Thread Group.

3) Once the stepping thread group will be added the page will look like-

4) Here we are going to run load for 100 users. This is the default value once you will add the thread group.

This thread group will start [ 100 ] threads (Users) –> Total number of users are 100.

First Wait for [ 0 ] Seconds. –> There will not be any delay to start the thread once you will run Jmeter.

Then start [ 10 ] threads every 30 Seconds —> Every 30 seconds 10 threads will start till 100 Threads.

Using Ramp up [ 5 ] seconds –> Each users taking .5 seconds to hit the server.

Then hold load for [ 60 ]  seconds –> Once all the threads started it will hold the thread running for 60 seconds.

Finally, Stop [ 5 ] threads every [ 1 ] sec. –> In each second 5 thread will stop. Mean total thread will stop in (100/5) 20 seconds.

Here you are done with adding Stepping Thread Group. Now Record the script (Don’t add again the simple thread group as you have already added Stepping Thread Group ) save and run.



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