Ultimate Thread Group

Using Ultimate Thread Group we can apply conditional load on the server. Suppose you want to perform load for 100 users in different slots of time with different users. For example 10 users with for first 20 seconds and then 10 users for another 30 seconds and so on.. We need to use Ultimate Thread Group.

So to configure Jmeter for distributed load follow the steps mentioned below-

1) Click on the link to download Jmeter Plugin.   JMeterPlugins-0.5.4.zip

2) Unzip the folder and copy the file JmeterPlugins.jar

3)  Open the Jmeter folder and got to apache-jmeter-2.8 –>lib –> ext –> Paste the file JmeterPlugin.jar inside the ext folder.

4) Now open Jmeter and right click on Test Plan.

5)  Go to Add –> Threads (Users) –> jp@gc – Ultimate Thread Group.

Ultimate Thread Group Configuration for Distributed Load-

1)  Once the Ultimate Thread Group is added The page will look like-

2)  Click on Add Row button to add more rows for different number of users.

3) I am going to add 4 Rows for the users 10, 20, 40, 50 . So totally  (10+20+40+50) 120 users.

4)  Please refer the configuration give below-

Start Thread Count- The thread will start one by one. For Ex- First Thread and then second thread and then third thread and so on up to tenth thread. So we have totally 10 users in the first row that mean we are going to load for 10 users first.

Initial Delay– Initial delay is the time for the first user hit the server after Jmeter starts. This time is nothing but just after how many seconds you want to hit the server first time.

Start-up time– Start up time will be divided among each user as (Start Threads Count / Start-up Time ). So here it is (10/10). It mean we are giving 1 sec for each thread or user to hit the server. So once the first user will hit the server after initial delay of 5 sec then after each user start hitting the server after every 1 sec and it will reach up to 10 seconds.

 Hold Load For– Once all the 10 users activated the load will hold up to 10 seconds. Shutdown Time- After 10 seconds total time to stop the hitting server. So here it is 5 seconds. It mean within 5 seconds all the user will stop the hitting server or all the threads will be stopped.

Now I have given load for 10 users and configured.

 Here is the screen shot for other 20+40+50 users.

Once you will run the Jmeter first 10 users will perform load and complete. After delay for 5 seconds 20 users will perform load, again after delay for 5 seconds 40 users and finally after delay of 5 seconds 50 users will perform load.



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