Keep your password safe and manage with KeePass

Now a days it’s a big challenge to keep passwords safe and remember. Its really difficult to remember if you have many passwords that you can’t remember all the time. There are many ways that you can keep your passwords. But on security point of view your passwords should be safe and easy to access. Sometimes you might forget to remember your password and trying many times causes your account to lock and now you struggle a lot to generate or reset new password. Here is one software that will make your work easy and will help you to keep your passwords safe, easy to access anywhere.

What is KeePass:

KeePass is a software that manages your passwords with safety and allows you to access anywhere easily. Using this software, no need to remember all your passwords. You can access passwords with help of KeePass anywhere and in any device like Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone, Android etc. What all you have to do you have to install this software in your device and have to add your passwords. The best part is, KeePass keeps your password in encrypted form so there is no chance that other could view and identify the correct password. Also it works offline so no internet connection required at all to access saved passwords.

How to use KeePass:

You can download KeePass software for Mac, Windows and Linux from here – Click Here to download

Once it gets downloaded, install in your machine. After installation, the interface will look like this:


How to add and access passwords:

1) Click on File and select New


2) It will ask you to create database at desired location. Select any place in your computer and click on Save option. You can change the default database name if you would like to.


3) Once database saved, you need to create a Master Password. This master password is very important because you need to remember this password all the time whenever you would like to open KeePass and view the saved passwords.


4) Add the master password and click on OK. Clicking OK will take you to the Database Settings window. Now click OK again.

5) Finally you are done with the setup and ready to use your KeePass. By default two sample entry will be created that you can delete by right clicking and selecting the option Delete Entry.


6) To add new entry, click on key icon shown in the below image.


7) Once you click on key icon it will open “Add Entry” Window, where you can provide Title, Username, Password, URL and Notes if any. If you don’t want to add your own password it will take default password automatically generated by KeePass.


8) Click OK will add your entry. Finally click on Save button to save the entry.


9) To copy password or any other option you can directly right click on the entry and choose the option (Copy User Name, Copy Password, Add Entry, Edit Entry, View Entry, Duplicate Entry, Delete Entry etc.) that you would like to.


I have explained only the main features so that you could manage your passwords and avoid the additional stress to remember many passwords. There are many other features that you can navigate and use according to your choices.

One important thing I would like to suggest if you want to access KeePass in other devices please install it and never forget to copy the database that you have created, because all your passwords will be saved in database in encrypted form that could be accessed only by KeePass on providing the master password.

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