How to log-out Facebook account from another device remotely….

Have you logged in Facebook account and forgot to log-out Facebook account in device which is not yours? Or have you forgot to log-out your Facebook account from public computer? This mistake can be happened often and causes someone else to access or misuse your Facebook account. Sometimes you might be used your friend’s phone to check your Facebook status and might be forgot to log off.

If you have done so, no need to worry and here are the steps that you can follow and log-out Facebook account remotely, no matters which device you have used to check your Facebook status and forgot to log out.

1) In any device log in your Facebook account.

2) Click on drop-down shown on top right corner and select Settings.


3) Click on Security shown on left side.


4) Click on Edit shown next to “Where You’re Logged In”.


5) Either click on End All Activity to log off your Facebook account from all the devices or click on End Activity if you remember which device you logged in and forgot to log-out Facebook account. All the login activity will be listed here-


Similarly you can select Android Device and Messenger if you have logged in Facebook account in Android Device or in Facebook Messenger.



Hope this will help to log-out Facebook account from another device remotely and prevent your account from misuse of unauthorized access.

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