How To Make Browser Auto Refresh

While working on some application in the browser or monitoring something in the browser, you may need to keep refreshing browser often. Generally browser refresh needed if you try to fetch latest update to show in the browser or sync browser with latest or updated information. For example if you are working on some application and a person on other side also is working on the same application. To see the changes done by other person you need to refresh the browser each time because the person on other side working on the application keeps changing the information.

Instead of doing browser refresh manually you can automate the browser to refresh after each span of time.

To make the browser auto refresh, please follow the steps given below-


  • Open Firefox browser and go to Toos->Add-ons.


  • Search for auto reload. Make sure Available Add-ons radio button is selected.


  • Once search completed look for Tab Auto Reload and click on Install.


  • After successful installation, restart Firefox.
  • Now open any URL in a tab which you want to keep refreshing.
  • Right click on the tab and mouse over Reload and then select Auto.


The default selection is 10 sec, that’s mean tab will keep on refreshing after every 10 seconds. You can change the page reload time by selecting different time interval.


  • Open Chrome browser and go to chrome Web Store.
  • Search for super auto refresh.


  • Click on ADD TO CHROME button.


  • Once added successfully a round arrow logo will appear at top right corner.


  • Click on the round arrow logo to set the page auto refresh time.


Here I have selected page to refresh after every 5 seconds. You can select based on your requirement. To disable page refresh, simply select STOP option.

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