How To Make Your Browser Working Offline

There can be situation when you are reading something or you are on any webpage and suddenly internet stops working. Once you refresh browser you lose everything and your browser says there is no internet connection. But don’t worry! It is browser’s feature that it downloads information when you were connected with internet. So how you can view the same page even you are not connected with internet.

To view the page again you can enable work offline feature. To enable work offline feature please follow the steps given below-

Enable Work Offline Feature in Firefox-

  • Open Firefox browser and go to Tools –> Options.


  • Click on Advanced and then click on Network


  • Click on checkbox Cached Web Content


  • Now click on Menu icon and select option Developer


  • Click on Work Offline


Once you click on Work Offline, you are done with enabling Work Offline feature. Now you can browse anything without worrying about internet connectivity. Firefox by default allows to cache the web content upto 350 MB. If you want you can increase the size to keep more content and browsing data.

Enable Work Offline Feature in Chrome-

Like Firefox Chrome does not come with Work Offline feature, however you can still make Chrome browser to Work Offline.

Follow the steps to work offline with chrome browser-

  • Open chrome browser and type URL chrome://flags/ and press Enter button.


  • Search for show saved copy button


  • Change the option from Default to Enable: Primary


That’s it. Restart your chrome browser. Once you will go offline, your browser gets disconnected from internet and you will get a button on the page asking Show Saved Copy once you refresh the page.


Click on Show save copy button will reload the page and you will be able to view the contents in the webpage again.

Happy Browsing!!!!!

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