How to make your PC fast bootable – Windows

If you face the problem that your PC takes too long time to start, you can follow the steps to do some settings and speed up your PC start up time or boot faster. Generally any windows system becomes slow because of too many programs starts at the time of booting. System waits for all the start-up program to load and then start. To load all the programs at the beginning you need to wait till the programs load completely.

To speed up your PC boot you can change the settings and set the programs not to load at the time of start-up. Later on you can start program according to your choice.

Sometimes during the installation of any software, the software takes by default settings to start with the booting of the system. You can check manually, what are the programs running at the start of your PC and you can change the settings not to stop the program and allow then not to start at the beginning of the system boots.

Few programs are necessary to be start with PC boots. So be little careful that you are not changing the settings of default programs installed during the operating system installed.

Please follow the steps to change the PC start-up settings-

1) Click on Start


2) Click on Run.


3) In the Run text box type msconfig


4) Click OK. After clicking OK could ask you to provide the system login password. Please provide system login password if it asks.

5) Once you click OK and provide system password, System Configuration window will open.


6) Click on Start-up tab.


7) Un-check all the programs that are not necessary to load at the system starts up. If you are confused, please un-check all the programs that you have installed manually.

For example I have un-checked Open Office, I have installed it manually by downloading the .exe file.


8) Similarly you can un-check other programs as well and then click on Apply button to apply all the changes.


9) Restart your system or PC.

Hope this will help you to speed up your PC booting.

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