How to Disable Mobile Data for Particular App in Android

Sometimes mobile internet data  consumption in your mobile gets high and you do not realize that where all your internet data has gone. Few apps installed in your device keeps consuming mobile data in background and that possibly causes your mobile data consumption high.

You have options either you can turn off your mobile internet data or disable mobile internet data for a particular app. But turning off your mobile data will disconnect interned from all the apps.

So how you can disable mobile data for a particular app or is it possible to disable mobile data off for a particular app? Answer is yes. You can disable mobile internet data for a particular app by following steps given below-

  • Go to settings page in your android device and tap on More option.

Mobile Data 1

  • Tap on Data usage.


  • Tap on your mobile data network tab. For me its AIRTEL.


  • Scroll down and look for the app that you want to disable mobile internet data and tap on that particular app.


  • Now tap on check-box shown at the bottom called “Restrict background data”. Once you tap you will get notification, just click OK on notification shown.


That’s all. You have successfully disabled mobile internet data for selected app. Now all your apps will use mobile data except the app which you have restricted mobile internet data uses.


To enable again mobile internet data, just follow the same process and uncheck (tap again on check-box) Restrict background data. Once unchecked Restrict background data option then again app will start consuming mobile data. So its totally upto you for which app do you want to enable or disable mobile data.

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