Rename Multiple Files Quickly

Renaming of files are easy if number of files are less but it becomes difficult if number of files are huge and have to rename all the files. But if you want to do so there are few tricks that could make your task easy and faster. What all you have to do you have to rename any one file and other files will get renamed automatically.

There are two methods that can help you to rename multiple files at once.


  • Select all the files which you wanted to be renamed.
  • Right Click on first file and select the option Rename.


  • Rename first file with any name i.e. Jack.


  • Once you rename first file other files will get renamed automatically.


This method is useful when you want to keep all the files with similar names.

Follow the next method to rename multiple files with each file named differently.


  • Right click on first file.
  • Select the option Rename.
  • Provide any name that you would like to change.
  • Press Tab key will take you to the next file to rename it.

Similar way you can keep going by pressing Tab key and renaming the files.

This method is bit time consuming but definitely somewhat your work will be easy as you don’t required every time to right click on each file and select rename option to rename it.

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