This is really a powerful open source tool which is used for automating performance testing of web applications and automating browser events. In next few paragraphs I will explain how to record, automate and play the scrip. Also I will explain to edit the script according to your requirements. How to add infinite loop and other controls in the script in easy way ?

 Here are the few lists that we are going to talk about-

            • Selenium IDE.
            • Selenium RC (Remote Control)
            • Selenium WebDriver.

Also to make easy I have included (Click on the links to follow)


Download and Install selenium IDE

Record your first script in Selenium

Add Loop In  Selenium Script

Why Selenium Remote Control ?

Download Selenium Remote Control (Stand Alone Server)

Install Selenium Remote Control (Stand Alone Server)

Record Your First Script With Selenium Remote Control

Install Selenium WebDriver

Work With Selenium WebDriver



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