Download and Install Selenium

Selenium IDE is very simple and easy to use however its very powerful tool for recording and playing the script. Also we can edit the script and automate the script to play again and again. We can Parameterize for different values (for ex- different logins and passwords). We can export and import the script in different file formats and generating awesome reports.

 So have a cup of coffee and lets enjoy  with Selenium IDE. I bet before your coffee gets over you will be able to record and play the script..

Download Selenium IDE :

1)  Open the FireFox browser and go to the link     –

 2) Click on Download version 1.9.0 shown under Selenium IDE.

3) Once you will click on the link to download the browser will ask you to Allow.

4) Click on Allow.

5) Once install will complete your browser will display a message like-

6) Click on Install Now button will install the selenium.

7)  Once you will click on Install Now button the browser will ask to restart.

8)  Restart the browser and Click on Tools option will display selenium logo.

9) Click on Selenium IDE the pop up window will open and it will look like-

Now you are done with installing selenium IDE.



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