Selenium Remote Control

We are now aware of how to record the script and how to add the loops.

Now we are going to learn little advanced features of selenium.

Before starting Selenium Remote Control I guess you have one question in your mind-

Why Selenium RC (Remote Control) ?

Well using Selenium IDE we can record and run the script only in Firefox browser. But using Selenium RC we can run the same recorded script in any browser. For ex- ( IE,Chrome,Safari, Opera ).

 Please go through the following steps to configure Selenium RC.

1) Go to the link  and download the file-


2) Save the file on desktop.

3) Record the script in selenium IDE and save as Save Test Suite.

4) Give any name to the file and save on desktop.

 Now we are going to start selenium server-

 5) Open command prompt. (Click on start button in you computer  and type cmd and hit enter button to open command prompt)

 6) Once command prompt will open type-

java -jar (Path of you selenium-server-standalone-2.19.0.jar ) -port5554 -multiwindow -htmlSuite “* (Browser name) ” ” (Web url which you have recorded the script) ” “Path of test suite or script file” “Path where you want to save the result”


 java -jar C:\Users\Naveen\Desktop\selenium-server-standalone-2.19.0.jar -port5554 -multiwindow -htmlSuite “*iexplore” “” “C:\Users\name\Desktop\naveen.html”  “C:\Users\Naveen\Desktop\Testt.html”

I have saved the script as naveen.html

 Be careful on typing these commands. Any one mistake could  stop running the script.


For result file you can give any name. Ex- Testt.html. While running the script selenium will automatically create result file with the name you have mentioned.

 7) As soon as you will type all the commands in command prompt and hit enter button selenium will start running the script and two windows will open. –

First Window-

Second Window-

Once these two windows will open in first window you can see the process happening. There another window contains all the execution steps.

So here we have run the selenium script successfully in Internet Explorer.

Now Its time to see the result-

8) Go to you desktop and open the result file in any browser it and you can see all the detailed result-

We are done with Selenium RC.






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