Service Proxy Test/Web Service Test

Service Proxy Test/Web Service Test

To perform any web application operation we need service request send to the server through http or https request. Service request could be either triggered by web front end or by any  tool that could trigger http request. For example – If you fill any form online so there will be one service that will trigger all the information to the server. If it is POST request then all the data will be inserted to database. Similarly GET service will get all the relevant information if GET service request is triggered. Basically service is internal process or a piece of code that allow user to connect with server with either GET or POST or PUT etc methods.

The service proxy is located between front end and back end. HTTP requests go through the service proxy to the back end and returns with data.

Its easy to test the services if we have front end developed but it comes to challenge if there is no front end and still need to test services. In this situation we can use different tools to test and it could be selected based on your requirements.

Service proxy is nothing but it acts same as Web Services and there is no difference accept proxy service works on behalf of client requesting an internet service that can be retrieved by any web proxy protocol FTP,HTTP or HTTPS.

Using service proxy we can trigger many services at a time requesting to the server located in different locations.

Using xml data file we can pass any kind of data through web service and could get the server response and could analyze the result whether service is returning correct data or response from the server.  

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