Set Expiry Date For Shared Files In Google Drive

Using Google Drive is really easy to keep files or folders and share those files or folders with others. Google drive provides file sharing feature which allows to share saved files with other people. Usually people forget to remove shared files links shared with other people. If you do not remove shared files from google drive it keeps shared forever. To unshare file or files, you need to remove shared link manually.

So the question is how you can share a file from google drive so that it could get unshared automatically after few days or how you can share files temporarily with others? The answer is set expiration date so that shared link will get expired once expiration date reaches and file will get unshared automatically.

Google does not allow to set the expiration date and time for shared files or folders, however there is script that you can use to set the expiration date and time for any shared file or folder by following simple steps given below.

To set link or file expiration feature in Google Drive please follow the steps given below-

  • Login with your Google account user name and password to access Google Drive.


  • After login click on Review Permissions button.


  • Click on Allow button to access Google Drive data and then click on OPEN DRIVE.


  • Click on file that you want to share and then click on Select button.


  • Enter the email id of the person or people with whom you want to share the doc or want to give edit permission.


  • Set expiration date from drop down and click on SET EXPIRATION button.


  • On successful setting up expiration date, you will be able to see the message as below-


If you want you can cancel the expiration date by clicking on cancel link.

Here you have successfully done with the setup of expiration date. After completion for 10 days from now the file will be unshared automatically from the specified user.

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