Share Tweets privately using Direct Messages – New launch by Twitter.

A new feature launched by twitter today that share tweets privately using direct messages. There are countless users of twitter where people share their thoughts, ideas or whatever interesting they like. New feature Tweets privately using Direct Messages allows sharing tweets privately. So now you can share your tweets privately to your individual follower by sending direct messages.

This feature is available at iOS and Android devices with new upgrade.

Twitter says:

“With today’s update you’ll be able to share a Tweet privately with any of your followers. To do this from either the iOS or Android mobile apps, long-press the Tweet in your timeline and choose “Share via Direct Message.” On and TweetDeck, tap the “••• More” icon and select “Share via Direct Message.” The person you share a Tweet with will get a push notification, and the Tweet will display directly in the conversation.”

You can go the twitter website and download the twitter app and install in your iOS or Android device. For web you can check on TweetDeck. Mac users can’t use this feature at this time but after few days  it will be available for mac as well, said from twitter blog. This feature is launched to attract more people and to improve tweets privacy.

If you are an iPhone or Android user you can use this feature just by pressing and holding the tweet and then select the option Share via Direct Message.


If you want to use this feature in the browser you can log-in to twitter account and next to the tweet click on icon and then select the option Share via Direct Message.


This is really going to make twitter more interesting and hope people will like this feature and will keep their tweets within their followers if they do not want tweets to be public.

 For more information please visit on- Twitter Blog

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