Simple Steps To Clear Browser Cache, Cookie and History In Android Devices

You might have question that why we need to clear cache or cookie in the browser. The most important reason for clearing cache and cookie is security and another important reason is that, might be you will not be able  to open any website or login to any website in your browser. Clearing the Cookie assures that the last login have been cleared and there is no cache data which could be misused by any other person. Clearing cache and Cookie often is a good practice to keep your data safe, prevent hacking and running your browser safely with good performance.

Here are few simple steps that you can follow to clear your android device browser Cache, Cookie and History:

1) Open browser in your android device for which you want to perform clear Cache, Cookie and History.

2) Tap on menu option to display all the available menus.


3) Tap on Settings option.


4) Tap on Privacy & Security option.


5) Tap on Clear cache, Clear history and Clear all cookie data. It will ask you to select Cancel or OK. Each time click on OK.



That’s all you have successfully cleared Cache, Cookie and History.

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