Social Media Privacies to Protect Children from Cyber Dangers

Social media popularity is increasing day by day and the people are adopting new online media apps by using the cell phone devices. Since the smartphone technology has invented, it has provided users such an exceptional piece of tech-creatures and the social messaging apps are one of them. People are using plenty of instant messaging apps and the young children are top of the list.

They are obsessed with the digital media apps such as Facebook, Tinder, Line, Vine, Yahoo, Snapchat and plenty of others alike. Young users as compared to the adults are the most frequent users and without having the prior knowledge they are making social media apps accounts no time ever before.

They don’t bother to make the privacy settings on their online media apps accounts and revealing their privacy continuously. Resultantly, they are putting themselves in real dangers. Therefore, social media privacy is necessary to prevent all the cyber dangers from children lives.

Why Social Media Privacy is necessary?

Young teens are sharing personal information online –out of all 91% has shared their photos, 53 percent has shared school names, 53% shows their email address and 20% also sharing personal contact number, according to the Joint study done by Pew Research Center and the Berkman Center for Internet Society. On the other hand, almost 60% of young kids and teens put their Facebook profile private but for not for friends.

The 56% of teens set their privacy due to parent’s advice. The awareness among teens regarding setting privacy on their social networking apps accounts is not consistent.

The reason behind the privacy control on teen social media accounts is that to prevent individuals from observing young kids by all means.

 It is said to be that teens are risking themselves up as compared to the people who are trying to chase them for wrong motives.

Common Cyber dangers that harms children

There are plenty of cyber dangers is present especially on the social media platforms due to the lack of privacy made by the young kids and teens on their profiles. Here are some following common dangers for teens that don’t bother to put the privacy on the social networking apps accounts. Let’s discuss the common online dangers for kids and teens.

Cyber Bullying

Online bullying has been deep-rooted in the digital world; on the other hand, the after effects are the same as the real-life bullying. They are the people who always make fun of others in real-life and as well as in the cyber world by using different methods. The social media apps profile of young teens that lacks the privacy often becomes the target of the cyber bullies. They send abusive messages, sexual content such as photos and videos to tease the victim and make fun of them. Online bullies can be prevented through online privacy on teen’s multiple social media accounts. Finally, teens got depression, anxiety and start living lonely and even some cases may commit suicide, reports stated that.


They are the players and them always in the search for young kids and teens to make them friends initially. After that, they ask them to have the relationship in real life and force them to meet. The ones that got into trap lose their respect and dignity by fake lover and cheaters.

Blind dating with strangers

Teens also use social media apps that have been specially designed for dating purposes. So, they make their accounts by putting information as an adult and start using the applications for the sexual encounters with the strangers in real-life. Even they don’t have prior information either the person has the same age or not. Finally, there are possible chances they may cheat when the person get their friends alongside to humiliate the teens. In some of the cases, teens have been losing their lives.

How to make social media privacy possible to protect kids?

It is the parent’s responsibility to aware teens regarding the online dangers and as well as for the privacy setting on their multiple social messaging apps accounts. They can dig out all the rabbit holes by using cell phone spy app that allows users to view all the social media apps activities of young kids and teens.

The user can view the social app’s activities of teens through IM’s social media activities such as IM’s logs, chat conversation, shred media files and others. On the other hands, parents can view either teen have put privacy on their profiles are not by using the keylogger.

It will provide users all the keystrokes applied on the phone and then they can view password keystrokes, SMS keystrokes, messenger keystrokes and email keystrokes. Then they will get access secretly in the social networking apps accounts of a teen. The user can also use TOS spy 360 live screen sharing. It empowers a user to view all the screen activities on TOS online activities with real-time.


Make sure teens to set privacy on the multiple social networking apps privacy and to protect all online media nightmares by using the cell phone spying app.

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