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Testing can be done by any one even by a layman, but what makes real difference in general tester and smart tester. Testing is not just a part of job that you tested and gave the report but rather than be a part of one of the users and to understand the basic needs. If you really understand the basic requirements, software testing tips and tricks of testing applications, I bet you can be the smart tester.

Here are few points that I would like to focus on which really can help you to be not just a tester but a smart tester-

Complete understanding of requirements no matters how long time it takes- If you are not understanding the application or module you can never test application. Find all the dependencies of the module to the other modules. You have make test plan according to the module. You have to figure it out if any change made in the module then what are the other places that it could effect. I know its hard but in some cases its really necessary. If any doubt at any point during the specification of the the module don’t hesitate to ask immediately.

Assumption is the great weakness of any tester. Do not assume the things- I have seen many people and its common they just assume about the feature and test and later on it causes the application failure. Do not assume and if you do you are doing a great mistake and you are in trouble. Always asking and clarifying the doubt than assumption. Think before reporting any bug what the priority could be and how important this bug is.

Capability to analyse the bugs – This is also quite important because what you are going to report as bug. Make sure the severity and priority of the bug before reporting. How important that bug is for application level and business level. Analyse the bug by categorising as blocker or critical or normal. Give proper reason why the issue which you have categorised as blocker is really important to fix. Do not make so hurry to test the application. Stick and spend some more time on important modules.

If you will spend some more time for sure you will come up with more bugs– This is my practical experience that if you stick little longer on any featured definitely you will come up some more bugs. Sometimes when we have less time we test the application quickly and give the report. If its really urgent and we do not have time to test longer its fine but always before assigning testing task just estimate the time and let them know that you need specific time duration to test the application. But this situation does not occur all the time and you would have sufficient time to test. Take your time test all possible scenarios and dependencies. Proper communication should be between tester and developers if any specification need at any time.- Sometimes once specification is give some people hesitate to ask again but its not a good practice. Never hesitate to ask anything if you are not clear about the application does not matter it is small thing or big. Proper communication can avoid the later clashes  between developers and testers.

Use automation tool if required– All the time automation does not work if frequent changes going on because its really painful to change the script for every new change. But automation really makes your work easy and more accurate result. So more practices of automation will really help you to test the application really quick with accuracy.

Never forget to test the things in different browsers and different OS– I have seen many people just test the application in one browser and give the report. Never miss to check the compatibility test in different browsers with different versions and different Operating Systems. Be updated with latest technology available in the market.- I would like to focus more on this part because market is changing so fast and people are taking more and more interest in latest devices and technology. It should not be question from users that his application is fine in some systems but not working in other advance systems. At least try to be updated all the time with latest browsers version, operating system, android and iOS versions. Also the new changes in the technology give you some ideas to suggest some changes in the application which you are testing.

At least once try to analyse the application with google analytics if available for the project– I have seen most of the testers does not have any knowledge of google analytics and they think its quite less useful for them. But sometimes it really plays a big role. In analytics we can see the complete flow of users. Which browser they use the most, which operating system they use the most. Which module they use most and how long they stick on the page. These datas will definitely make you to think more on the specific module if you are going to test again.

List out every new issues reported by end users and think why it got missed by you– Very important. In one short of time or few round of testing can’t assure the application completely bug free. Testing should not be done by one person. When we release beta version we give application to be tested by end users. So here is the deal when application goes to many hands every one has their own perspective. Make you own checklist and not down all the issues reported by end users and I bet if you will test the application and if you will concentration on the issues reported by end users you will be more closer to deliver the perfect build. These are few suggestions that I believe every good tester should know.

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  1. Riek says:

    Nice article, it is very usefull for freshers and experience testers.. !

  2. Tom says:

    Yes these tips and tricks are very helpful to any fresher or experienced tester. If they follow these tips in testing they see improvements in there testing. Do thanks for these wonderful or helpful prices tips.
    Keep continue your great work

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks in favor of sharing such a pleasant thinking, article is pleasant,
    thats why i have read it fully

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