Step By Step Process To Download And Install Windows 10 ISO. Its Free !

Microsoft Windows 10 is now available for free to download. If you have not installed yet you can follow the steps mentioned below to download and install fresh copy of it.

This version of Windows (Windows 10) has become already popular among Windows OS lovers, though we can’t ignore few bad experiences as well. However Windows 10 is really a very good operating system and it has come up with all the previous bug fixes.

Follow the process to download and install Windows 10 ISO in your PC-

1) Go to the link and download Media Creation tool – Click Here


Before download check your system version whether it is 32-bit or 64-bit and then select the appropriate option to download. Download could take a long time as it is huge data to download, depends on speed of your internet connection.

2) Open downloaded file once download completed successfully.


3) Click inside radio button for the option Create installation media for another PC and then click on Next button.


4) From dropdown selection Language as English, Edition as Windows 10 Pro and Architecture as your PC has either 32-bit or 64-bit and click on Next button.

5) Now select ISO file option and then click on Next button. Please do not select USB flash drive.

6) Once you click on Next button your download will be started and you have to wait till download completes.

That’s all after completion of download open downloaded file and burn it to DVD and install in your PC. Also using this DVD you can install this in any system but system configuration should be supported. If you don’t have ISO file burner, there are many ISO burner available in the market at Free. You can use any one of them.

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