How To Stop Automatically Windows Updates Download And Installation

Windows auto updates are good, but if auto updates happen every day then it can make a system slow and hanging most of the times. Sometimes auto updates make serious interruption when you are engaged with some important work and system keeps hanging and finally you need to restart your system. Many times system restart also becomes crazy when windows updates installation takes long time.

So how to control windows auto updates? To prevent auto download and system updates, you need to change few windows update settings and by doing this you can control automatically updates, download and installation. Automatically download and updates can be scheduled as well or it can be controlled for specific network.

If auto update feature is enabled in your system then you might not notice that your internet data is consumed for downloading windows updates. If you have limited internet data then this will be noticed when your interned data gets finished.

Follow the simple steps mentioned below to stop automatically windows updates, download and installation.

Stop automatically windows updates, download and installation-

  • Open control panel click on System and Security.


  • Click on Windows Update.


  • Click on Change settings.


  • From Important Updates select the suitable option that you would like. If you want never download and update, select the option Never check for updates


If you want to schedule automatic updates on specific time then you can choose the option as Install updates automatically and then you can choose the specific date and time.


This option will download and install windows updates automatically on every Friday 3AM if your system is connected with internet.

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