As I have explained about Test Case and how to write the Test Cases. Also the Difference between Test Case and Check List. So now its very easy for you to write and understand the effective Check List. Again before writing the effective check list I would like you to know one questions-

 Why Check List ?

I believe without Check List testing is nothing. Specially there are frequent changes done in the project by developers and giving for testing.

If we would not follow the checklist its possible that there some chances that we could miss some features or existing bugs. Also it is important to follow Check List for regression testing.

Once the same build is given by the developers for the testing we can first check the reported bugs and once we will make sure that the reported issues are fixed we can just execute the check list to confirm the complete functionality is working fine and we are not missing any features.

Check list should be updated on each iteration of testing and for each new features. Check list is the complete documentation for all reported bugs, existing bugs and new bugs.

We can’t assure that 100% testing is done or there is no any bug in the application. But using checklist we can assure there is no any blocker bug or keep track of what features still need to test.

Sometimes even after through testing the end users report some blocker bugs so those bugs also could be updated in the check list so that while testing next time the same build should not miss the reported bugs by the users.

 Here I am going to explain how to write the effective and useful check list-

 The contents which must  be in the check list are –

          •  Test ID
          • Date
          • Module
          • Test Case
          • Scenario to reproduce the bug. (If any bug found )
          • Status of the bug (Blocker / Critical )
          • Pass / Fail
          • Status of the build (Approved / Rejected )
          • Comment if any


Test ID Date Module Test Cases Test Data Scenario to reproduce the issue Status of the bug Pass/ Fail Status of the build Comments

 Check list for testing login form-

Similarly you can write some more and different test cases.

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