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Page speed is nothing but how fast your  web application is loading up in the browser. Testing the page speed you can calculate how fast your web page is loading up in the browser.Testing the page speed is one of the most important testing now a days where you need to test the web application that how fast its loading up in different browsers.

There are many ways that you can test the page speed :

1) Test page speed online- Yes you can test the page speed by submitting the page url and you can find the current page loading up speed in the browser. In next paragraph I will show how to perform this testing.
2) Test page speed by installing web browser plugins- There are many plugins available in the market that you can install in your browser and perform the page speed testing. For example you can install page speed plugin in Chrome or Firefox browsers.
3) Test page speed by installing stand alone software- One but less used by testers that installing the stand alone software in you local desktop and test the page speed.

Here are few links that can be used to test the page speed online :

Example :
Load the url http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/any in any browser and enter your url –


Click on Test Now button will start analyzing the web page for that you have entered the url and will show the result like this 


At the bottom you can see the reason why the speed is less or also you can find the clue that how to improve the speed of the page.
Similarly you can use other websites mentioned above to check the page speed.
Test page speed by installing web browser plugins : Another way as I have mentioned above that page speed could be tested by installing web browser plugins.
There are many free plugins available in the market that you can download and install in your browser.

Here are few examples that explains how you can install and test page speed with help of web browser plugins-

Chrome Plugin : To install chrome page speed plugin, make sure chrome browser is installed in your system.

Please open this link in chrome browser and click on “Free” button will add this plugin to your chrome browser-



Once this plugin will get downloaded you can view this plugin at top right corner :


Now you are ready to test your website.
How to test page speed with chrome plugin :
1) Open new tab in chrome browser and open the web page that you want to test the speed.
2) Once web page is opened right click on it and select “Inspect Element” option.


3) Click on “Page Speed” tab will show you like this-


4) Now click on “ANALYZE” button will analyze and will show the suggestion to improve the speed.
5) To check your page speed count please go to the below url type your web site url and click on “ANALYZE” button-



6) Clicking on “ANALYZE” button will show you the page speed count.


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